Red Cross Buddies and Friendship Families

Are you new in the Faroes and would like help to familiarize yourself with Faroese customs? Or do you come from a different background and find it challenging to become a part of Faroese society? Would you like someone to practise Faroese with?

The Faroe Islands Red Cross can help you connect with a family or a friend through the Red Cross Buddies programme.

We know that it can be difficult to make everyday life work when everything is new. How do you enrol your kids in the local football club? Do you understand the letters from the authorities that are written in Faroese, or maybe in Danish? How does the bus timetable work? In your native country, you probably had someone to ask for advice, but do you have someone in the Faroes who can help you and your family?

The idea behind Red Cross Buddies is that a volunteer Faroese family or individual can support you and your family to better understand the Faroese society, practice the Faroese language and by doing so, you will hopefully sooner feel at home and thrive in the Faroe Islands.

Good ideas for activities

  • Practice the Faroese language, for example, help with homework.
  • Watch Faroese television and listen to the radio.
  • Read magazines and books.
  • Help understand letters from the authorities.
  • Go for a walk and talk about the local area.
  • Talk about each other’s culture and traditions.
  • Go to leisure-time activities, cultural events or concerts.
  • Talk about everyday challenges and situations.
  • Shop, cook and eat together.
  • Form a “bindiklubb” or a similar club activity.
  • Go on trips, for example, to a museum, a library, a historical site or a walk around the town.
  • Get a coffee and have a chat.
  • Play games or watch films.