The Faroe Islands Red Cross works to provide support, help and guidance to refugees in the Faroe Islands.

How can the Red Cross help you?

When you first arrive in the Faroe Islands, the Red Cross can pick you up at the airport or ferry terminal, and drive you to your destination.

The Red Cross can help you with housing your first few weeks in the Faroe Islands (while you apply for a residence permit), as well as help you find long term rental accommodation.

Social support, guidance and language practice
If you want to, you (and your family) can be matched with two buddies (also called volunteer families). The volunteers can help you by being a guide and support system in the beginning when you are just figuring everything out, but also a friend with whom to socialize and hang out with.

We know that it can be difficult to make everyday life work when everything is new. How do you enroll your kids in the local football club? Do you understand the letters from the authorities that are written in Faroese, or maybe in Danish? How does the bus timetable work? In your native country, you probably had someone to ask for advice, but do you have someone in the Faroes who can help you and your family?

The idea behind the Red Cross Volunteer Friend systen is that a volunteer Faroese family or individual can support you and your family to better understand the Faroese society, practice the Faroese language and by doing so, you will hopefully sooner feel at home and thrive in the Faroe Islands.

Social activities
The Red Cross will be arranging social activities that you can sign up to (if you want to!). Do you have an idea for an activity? Let us know on

Restoring Family Links
The Red Cross can help you find missing family links through our IFRC system ‘Restoring Family Links’.

Translation services
The Red Cross can help you find an interpreter for important conversations, where you would need an interpreter (such as at the doctor, speaking to you children’s school etc.).

Other support
The Red Cross is here to support you as much as we can. If you need help with something that is not listed above, then you are welcome to contact us on +298 1818 or email us on and we will do our best to help you.


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