Food and clothes donations from the Red Cross

Call or text 28 36 70

Please note! The service is closed for the holidays from 17/12 -23 until 08/01 24. The deadline for requesting food and clothes is 13/12 23. 

The Faroe Islands Red Cross offers clothes and food items to families and individuals with financial difficulties, for example, single-parent households, low-income households, students, families or individuals impacted by job-loss, illness or social issues.  The service is completely free of charge and anonymous.

The clothes donations service, in Faroese Klædnahjálpin, started in 2013. It offers quality second-hand clothes and shoes for children. The items are clean and in good condition.

In 2020, food donations, in Faroese Mathjálpin, were added to the clothes service. The food consists mainly of frozen meat and fish, and dry food items like pasta and cereal.

Everyone in need of clothes or food donations is welcome to contact the Food and Clothes service by calling or texting 28 36 70 or emailing