Food and clothes donations from the Red Cross


About the Food and Clothes Donation Service

The Food and Clothes Sercive is a program that provides children’s clothing and food donations to families and individuals facing financial difficulties.

The service is run by volunteers, and is intended to support those in need, during times of financial hardship. The volunteers are bound by confidentiality. However, the volunteers need to ask about age, gender, geographical location, household size and clothing size, in order to provide the best possible service and in order to assess the needs. 

If you are in need of clothes, you can request them every six months, and if you are in need of food, it can be requested once a month.

The food service offers frozen and dry food. The content of a food package varies, however, it is mainly a mix of frozen meat, fish and vegetables, and pasta, rice and oats. The content of one package is enough for several meals.

The clothes service offers all kind of clothing for children and youth under 18 years.

The food and clothes service is closed during easter, summer, autumn and Christmas holidays, as well as other shorter holidays. Information about holidays is always announced in advance on top of the this page.


How do I request food and/or clothes?

Everyone in need of clothes or food is welcome to request food and/or clothes by filling out the form below (it is no longer possible to request food and/or clothes by email or phone message).

Food and/or clothes are handed out once a week. You will be given a date, time and location after filling out the form.

Only a limited amout of requests can be processed every week. Therefore, you can experience a two-week waiting time.

It is ensured that the service is as anonymous as possible. However, the fields marked with a * are required, in order to process your request. Your information will be deleted after the execution of your request.



If you have questions, send us an email to or phone +298 283630 (weekdays between 10am – 3pm).