The Red Cross Visiting Service

Having good social connections is essential for all aspects of your health. Everyone benefits from good social connections - both the visitor and the visited. The Red Cross wants to help fight loneliness. The Red Cross Visiting Service is active in several municipalities across the Faroe Islands. Read more about how to get in touch with the different services below.

Want to become a voluntary visitor?
To be a visitor in the Red Cross Visiting Service is unpaid and voluntary. You will visit your friend once a week or as agreed upon. Voluntary visitors must be at least 18 years old, be trustworthy, friendly and respect individuals for being themselves. If this sounds like something you would like, then contact your local Red Cross Visiting Service. See details below.

Would you like to get a voluntary visitor?
If you would like to get a voluntary visitor, we can set you up with someone. Voluntary visitors from the Red Cross are friendly, trustworthy and are bound to professional secrecy. Contact your local Red Cross Visiting Service to get set up with a visitor. See details below.

The Family Network
Are you new in the Faroes and would like a Faroese friend? The Faroe Islands Red Cross can help you connect with a family or a friend through the Family Network. Read more here.


Local Visitor Services in the Faroes

Visiting Service in Tórshavn

Eyrith Guttesen Leyni
Tel. 31 37 84 / 51 37 84

Marin Samuelsen
Tel. 31 43 33 / 28 43 33

Visiting Service in Kvívík

Tel. 27 67 60

Tel. 50 60 64

Visiting Service in the Northern Isles

Maria Olsen
Tel. 28 21 71

Gerda Absalonsen
Tel. 21 51 74

Visiting Service in Suðuroy

Halltóra Joensen
Tel. 28 02 41

Gunnhild Mortensen
Tel. 21 43 33

Dorrit Bech Joensen
Tel. 22 90 33



Visiting Service in Vágoy

Vága Kommuna 

Hansia Nattestad, Sandavág/Miðvág
Tel. 22 97 05

Sørvágs Kommuna 

Anna S. Nordendal, Sørvág/Bø/Gásadal
Tel. 33 27 05 / 27 21 42

Visiting Service on Sandoy

Tel. 56 13 48

Visiting Service in Nes municipality

Eigil Andersen
Tel. 21 21 29 / 44 89 60

Maja Højgaard Jakobsen
Tel. 24 41 73

Visiting Service in Vestmanna

Sára Jógvansdóttir
Tel. 77 01 18

Elsi Christiansen
Tel. 59 82 26

Visiting Service in Fuglafjørður

Sunrid Traðará
Tel. 59 51 50

Alexandra Georgesdóttir
Tel. 28 51 41